Here at 121 West, we launched with a staged two-bedroom unit to help prospective tenants get an idea of what their space could look like. It must have worked because we only have a handful of two-bedroom suites left! We wanted to show everyone how fantastic the same furniture would look like in a 1 bedroom. Sometimes a ‘downsize’ can really become the right size. So, we took our furniture and repurposed it to decorate a smaller, one bedroom suite to show how you can transform your new space with the things you already have. Here are a few design tips and visual aids to help guide your redecorating process.

Find corners, nooks, or other smaller spaces to put your desk

With many of us working remotely, we understand how essential it is it have a separate work space in your home. Here, we took our office room and moved it to a nook within the bedroom to create a functional, more compact work space.

Flexible furniture fits everywhere!

While your parent’s 3-piece sectional couch may not serve a purpose in your new space, the right couch and accessories can make even the tiniest space feel large. Here we used our same couch, an armchair, a pouf, the rug, the TV stand, and a small side table to furnish the new living area. All the same furniture was able to be used, just with a bit of rearranging. To allow for a natural sectioning of the living area, consider putting the sofa in the centre of the room as opposed to pushing it against the wall. A pouf also makes for a great seat when you’re hosting guests.

Add greenery, mirrors, and large paintings

Not only are indoor plants great for eliminating air pollutants and boosting mood, they also enhance the overall appearance of a space. Add some textured greenery to your countertops, shelves, windowsills, or floors with indoor friendly plants/cacti.

Mirrors are great additions to smaller spaces as they reflect light back into the space to make it appear bigger. Placing a mirror on a wall adjacent to or opposite from a window will create the illusion of a more dynamic space.

Choosing a large picture or painting with a simple frame can make your space appear bigger but also add decoration without making the space feel crowded. Opting for one large painting instead of many smaller paintings allows the eye to track the length of the wall as opposed to stopping repeatedly along the wall.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit our new show suite at 121 West, we’d love to book you a tour. We have a floor plan to suit everyone’s style and you might even find yourself coming up with new ideas for redecorating your space with the things you have.

Give us a call or send us a text at 780-306-0777, we’d love to meet you!